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Automatically start Tomcat on startup in Ubuntu

Apache Tomcat is not configured with autostart by default in Ubuntu. So, custom init script is required to configure Tomcat for autostart on startup.

Create the init script in /etc/init.d/tomcat8 with the contents as per below.

Init script contents:

Note: Please change {tomcat_root} with your Tomcat installation folder path.

Change its permissions and add the correct symlinks automatically:

And from now on it will be automatically started and shut down upon entering the appropriate run levels.

It could be also controlled with justservice tomcat8 <stop|start|restart> like Apache control commands.

Using above process any server script can be created and configured to start on startup.

phpMyAdmin gives 404 error in localhost

To run phpmyadmin without getting 404 error, configure apache.conf for phpmyadmin.

Then add the following line to the end of the file.

And restart apache

Please read this section in Ubuntu wiki describes the 404 error problem for phpmyadmin.

cPanel SoftException: GID of script is smaller than min_gid

After upgrading EasyApache in WHM, sometimes it gives 500 (Internal Server Error) error in the browser.  If you check the error_log file, you find:


If you check the permission of user/group for this file, it gives you root. So, apache can’t read these files uploaded by the root user. One solution is to change the permission of user/group to your current user.

This will solve the permission related issue on your site.

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