Update a bunch of images at once and export them as separate images using GIMP

Scaling of images can be achieved without using any scripts/extensions, but to export all images as separate image files, we need to install a plugin in GIMP named ‘Export Layers’.

You can download this plugin from the following link,


This plugin is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. For Windows, it can be installed using an executable file.

After installation of this plugin, restart GIMP.

Now, that we have the plugin installed, there is a very simple way to accomplish this task using the following easy steps.

  1. File > Open as layers to select all images to perform a specific task (This is one single action since the file selector allows the selection of multiple images)
  2. Image > Scale image to 75×75 to scale all layers together (We can perform many different actions similar to scaling like transforming, resizing, cropping, etc.)
  3. File > Export Layers will open a dialog that appears allows you to choose the output folder and file extension.
Export Layers Dialog Box

The above steps will save all your image layers to separate files. This could reduce so many steps of similar tasks.

You can perform many different actions like transforming, cropping, resizing, etc. using same steps.

Alternative of PHP_Excel for Excel Reading and Writing

For Writing Excel

For Reading Excel

For Reading and Writing Excel

  • Ilia Alshanetsky’s Excel extension now on github (xls and xlsx, and requires business libXL segment)
  • spout OfficeOpenXML (xlsx) and CSV
  • The Open Office different option for COM (PUNO) (requires Open Office introduced on the server with Java support empowered)
  • PHP’s COM extension (requires a COM empowered spreadsheet program, for example, MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc running on the server)
  • SimpleExcel Claims to read and compose MS Excel XML/CSV/TSV/HTML/JSON/and so forth arranges

Another C++ Excel expansion for PHP, however you’ll have to manufacture it yourself, and the docs are really meager with regards to attempting to discover what usefulness (I can’t discover from the site what groups it bolsters, or whether it peruses or composes or both…. I’m speculating both) it offers is phpexcellib from SIMITGROUP.

All case to be quicker than PHPExcel from codeplex or from github, however (except for COM, PUNO Ilia’s wrapper around libXl and spout) they don’t offer both perusing and composing, or both xls and xlsx; might never again be upheld; and (while I haven’t tried Ilia’s expansion) just COM and PUNO offers the same level of control over the made exercise manual.

Source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3930975/alternative-for-php-excel