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Different YouTube video thumbnail URLs

To get the different thumbnails of embedded video from YouTube, use these image URLs for different dimensions,

1) For medium sized thumbnail image<YouTube Video ID>/0.jpg

2)  For small sized thumbnail image<YouTube Video ID>/1.jpg<YouTube Video ID>/2.jpg<YouTube Video ID>/3.jpg

3) For large or maximum sized thumbnail image<YouTube Video ID>/maxresdefault.jpg

4) For High Definition Image<YouTube Video ID>/hqdefault.jpg

In above URLs, provide <YouTube Video ID>. To get Video ID from YouTube URL,

  • Go to
  • Play any video
  • Copy an alphanumeric string followed by v= from URL

This is a Video ID of currently playing video.

For example:

Video ID of YouTube Video is ny8ngucMd_U

Use this video ID in above thumbnail URLs to get different thumbnail image of this video.